It's simple.  I'm a versatile, hard-working, creative, smart woman that knows how to get things done. I've learned a lot, and continue to learn more every day.  I'm here to share it all with you to grow you, your teams, and your business!

One of the gifts I have discovered is that I can come into a chaotic environment and help create order, peace, and develop purpose and mission to move forward as well as develop the strategic plan to bring a dream to reality.I have a passion to see the light bulbs go off in people's heads. That's why I love to share with audiences.  The energy in the room is exciting.

​My background includes 20+ years in media, marketing and advertising, plus organizational management with focus on developing and launching new projects. I'm a trained executive coach specializing in leadership communication. My skills and experience are varied across industries and roles from retail to service to business-to-business and non-profits. I've been a "gatekeeper," the "glue," manager, and an owner.  I continue to study to grow professionally and personally and share with others what I've learned through implementation.  Basically, I'm an energetic entrepreneur that's a strategic guide for growth and accomplishment. 

My mission is 

  • to break the status quo of business as usual,
  • bring order to chaos,
  • clear the clutter of stinking thinking,
  • spark the inspiration of big ideas and audacious goals for "no filter" entrepreneurs, and
  • light a fire under their asses to take action to bring their ideas to reality.

My specialization is in training on self awareness and self definition that includes leadership, emotional intelligence, marketing, organization, personal development and time management.  I train and develop entrepreneurs to continuous growth through strategies that fit their passions and beliefs. I've worked with hundreds of area professionals through direct coaching and training, and reached thousands through speaking at workshops and various organizations' events across the country. 

Meet Christy...

"Wonder Woman, aka Christy Smallwood, is beyond description. She is among the hardest working women I know. Her knowledge of marketing is only out-distanced by her willingness to share, guide and teach. I trust her without reservation."  ~Diana Polsgrove, Owner of Eventualities