The right opening or closing keynote presenter will be the highlight of any meeting. 

Let one of Christy Smallwood’s  impactful keynotes be the talk of your next conference or convention!

Meaningful Networking
Meaningful Networking is a no rules approach to networking for today's entrepreneurs.  It's a lifestyle, not an event.  It's making connections anywhere not just a scheduled organization event.  With all the ways people can connect it helps to have an understanding of how networking works to grow your business as well as how to be strategic with your efforts. Anyone can do it with a little insight, inspiration, and a plan. Christy can show you how.  Get a free download of the 9 Tips to Make Networking Work For You.

Emotional Intelligence
We all have them – Emotions.  So why not understand how to live with them.  Increasing your emotional intelligence level increases your ability to communicate with others in a productive way.  Christy presents the understanding of emotions and how they are used by different personalities, genders, and generations in an entertaining way to bring a new level of teamwork to your group. 

Being Super
We are all on our own heroic adventure in life.  Where are you on your journey and how do you engage your inner hero to accomplish what you want in life? Being Super is a message that shows audiences how the journey of a hero applies to our every day lives.  Heroes don't just exist in myth and movies, Christy brings inspiring stories of every day heroes Being Super.